Through the experience in precious metals processing for over 90 years and broad know-how in current carrying electrical connections, Doduco is the partner of choice for many companies in a broad range of industries and in nearly all market regions.

Representative for: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Macedonia.

Fields of Business:

  • Automotive/E-Mobility
  • Railway Technology/Transportation
  • Dental Technology
  • Energy Distribution
  • Renewable Energies
  • Building Installation/Building Technologies
  • Household Appliances
  • Power Electronics
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Machine and Plant Construction
  • Medical Technology
  • Switching Technology
  • Jewellery
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Electronics

Products and Solutions:

  • Contact Semifinished Products
  • Stamped Parts
  • Bimetal-Strips: AlCunnect – Aluminium Copper Clad Metal
  • Plastic-Metal-Components Technology
  • Coating Technology
  • Future Orientated Precious Metal Recycling
  • Precious Metal Products

Contact Semifinished Products

Forms of Supply: wire, contact rivets, profile, contact tips, strips.

Materials:Silver/Silver Alloys, Silver-Nickel, Silver-Tin Oxide, Silver-Zinc Oxide, Silver-Graphite, Silver-Tungsten (Carbide) und Copper-Tungsten.

Areas of Applications:data transfer and communications technology, automotive electrical systems, automation and control technology, low voltage energy distribution technologies, building installations technology and household appliances.


Cut parts from contact semi-finished products (own Toolbox)

DODUFLEX Rugged Contact Spring

Areas of Application:medical technology and white goods.


Bimetal-Strips: AlCunnect – Aluminium Copper Clad Metal

Variants:overlap composite, overlay composite, inlay composite

Applications:plug connectors or cable lugs for aluminium cable, cell connectors for lithium-ion batteries, electromagnetic coils with aluminium winding / extruded heat sinks for power electronics / cell connectors, battery management systems, electrical controls, power electronics.

Properties: material-locked join of both materials, excellent mechanical adhesion, customizable proportions, corrosion protection.

Benefits:cost reduction potential, weight reduction, good electrical conductivity, resource conservation and sustainability.


Plastic-Metal-Components Technology

Function: components for switching, controlling and interconnection functions in electromechanical and electronic systems.

Variants: hybrid frames and housings, strip molded parts, assemled contact parts.

Applications:controlling of vehicle motors, wind and solar power stations / airbag-sensors in automotive, circuit breakers in building installations, sensory key for panel applications, electrical tooth brushes and household appliances / smart systems for vehicle mirror adjustment, control units for cooling water and oil pumping systems, gearbox controls

* Cost reduction through combination of plastics + metal parts + contact surface.


Coating Technology



Applications:electrical industry (printed circuit boards, ceramic substrates, contacts in power electronics), equipment manufacturing, automotive industry, renewable and alternative energy, medical technology and jewellery.

Processes: parts electroplating, reel-to-reel plating and PVD.


Future Orientated Precious Metal Recycling



*Efficient and environmentally safe processes to reclaim Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

Sources:: Contact Materials (clad strip and stamping scrap, alloy scrap, Silver-Tungsten residues, brazed and assembled contact parts) / Electronics (microprocessors, and ICs, ceramic substrates, connectors and switches, printed circuit boards) / Electroplating (metallic scrap plated with precious metals, precious metal containing spent electrolytes and rinse waters, saturated resins and filters, electrolytically deposited precious metal powders and sludges / Catalysts (from automotive exhaust systems or chemical processing) / Jewellery Alloys / Dental Alloy Scrap.


Precious Metal Products



Variants: silver powders in various grain structures, grain sizes and with high degree of purity / silver coated copper powder / silver bars/granules / wire segments / precious metal salts / conductive paints, pastes and adhesives / EKG-/EEG-Electrodes.


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