Isabellenhütte is one of the most important manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement as well as of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. The field of Precision Measurement Technology sets standards when it comes to measuring current, voltage and temperature in cars and trucks, but also in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as in industrial and regenerative energy production systems. In the area of Business Development of Precision Alloys there are two major technologies currently being developed – Thermoelectrics and Powder Metallurgy. The object of this development is a thermoelectrical module,so called thermogenerator. The thermogenerator is an assembly that allows for the direct conversion of waste heat into electrical current. This kind of research is a platform for new methods and products of the company Isabellenhütte. One of the topical options is also atomisation alloys in fine dust, which can then be formed in any oblilko by means of the MSM or 3-D processes. The advantages of this kind of alternative manufacturing process are in reducing costs and possible use of complex geometries.

Representation for: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.



  • Precision Resistive Alloys
  • Precizijski and Power resistance

Resistive alloys and thermal alloys



Typical applications: compensatory guides, load gauges, level sensors, underfloor heating, rolled-up components, hard-to-handle, thermal guides, heat pipes, rail heating, automatic odklopniki, signal guides, heating of seats, Connectors, heating tanks, thermal components, thermal guides, Odledenjevanje surfaces, resistors, resistance thermometers, ignition systems.

shape: braids, wires, flat wires, rods, rings, cut and bent parts and strips.






PRECIZIJSKI and Power resistance


Industries: Automotive Industry, EMS, power Electronics, automation, measuring and steering equipment, propulsion engineering, energy counters, industry (battery power supplies), telecommunications, medical equipment, Household appliances.


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